“Change is the end result of all true learning“. – Leo Buscaglia

The Stoics had a precept, to not be a “pen and ink philosopher”.  In their ethos, one does not study philosophy as is currently done in the halls of colleges, with debates removed from reality as much as the far extremes of theoretical physics are from a baseball field.  The goal of philosophy to the Stoics was to make better choices, to be a better person.

You don’t become a better person just by wishing, but by doing.  By exercising and cutting back empty calories you build a better body.  By removing empty thoughts (and replacing them with nutritious healthy ones), by taking positive actions you become a better person.  This is the idea behind Stoic philosophy in many respects, and the goal of education: better thinking leading to actions that improve yourself and the world around.

As my one shrink buddy says: if you know and don’t do, you don’t really know.