“Unity isn’t about being the same. It’s about working together.”  -Iron Man

A team should exceed the sum of its parts.  The weaknesses of one should be able to be compensated for by the strength of another, and there should be synthetic power where two or more team members can utilize their abilities together to produce something unique and better than what was before.  This applied creativity in service of one mission, one goal is how innovation occurs and is the essence behind all supergroups from music to startup advisory councils to the e pluribus unum of the United States.
Problems are multifaceted, and approaching them from different perspectives is one of the best ways to resolve the issues.  Encouraging differences not as a weakness but as alternative views that can reveal a flaw or opportunity is the way to beat the seemingly unstoppable enemy in the marketplace or arena.  Working together but with our own individual capabilities and abilities is the way to win in the world.