Driven by Demons

“What do all men with power want?  More power.” -The Oracle

Lust is not limited to the flesh, nor gluttony to the body.

The inability to say “enough” is often what drives excellence initially, but can become an insatiable demon that consumes all if not restrained.

We have all seen the person who has everything and still needs more, and is willing to sacrifice those that love them for that next promotion or deal or bit of attention, that hit to momentarily sate the hunger.  This addiction becomes all consuming and all encompassing, warping the once bright into a twisted caricature.  Lucifer was a Prince of Heaven and it was not enough: his desire for more power led to The Fall.

Addiction is an ugly thing, and the addiction to power has destroyed many a bright future.

There is nothing sadder than watching someone deteriorate and no longer control their desires but rather be controlled by them.  The unending hunger and emptiness and voids no matter how much they consume is their own Hell.