Christmas Love

“Christmas, my child, is love in action.” – Dale Evans

Love is giving of yourself even if you have nothing left to give.

It is giving of yourself even if the recipient is spiteful, often because they are in pain at the deepest levels of their being and lash out.  This is when they need to be loved the most: when they are least lovable and maybe even hate themselves.

Love is giving others what they need, not necessarily what they want.  An addict wants a fix, they need help fixing themselves.  Staying with them to help them is the sign of a friend, the person that gives them what they want is an enabler and helping them continue to hurt themselves.

Love in action is superior to words.  It supplements thoughts and prayers and gives them power.  Rolling up your sleeves to assist another in need is the translation of love from action to actuality and gives the emotion substance and permanency.