Outwork Talent

“Some may have more talent, but there is no excuse for anyone working harder than you.”  John Tavares

If you are always the hardest working person in the group, you will always have value and probably always have a job.  Studies show that 10% more effort than average equates to over a third more revenue and production.  Because of the disproportionate returns and attention.

If you can be do 30% more than average, at the end of three years you have reached the equivalent experience of six years.  By five years you are almost at 15 years worth of exposure.  Hustle wins over the long haul.

Extra effort might not pay off today, but over a career it is the difference between Hall of Fame and “could have been great”.  You chose how you want to be remembered with your daily choices of how hard you are going to work outside the normal game time.  Choose to be excellent and exceptional instead of average.