Chose Your Battles

“Better to fight for something than live for nothing.”  General George S Patton

I faced down a giant conglomerate possessing unlimited resources with nothing but my brain, a computer, and a laser printer.  Over and over and over going in front of the Board with research studies showing what the corporation wanted was a bad idea, would harm the small businesses and the citizens.  I had nothing economically to gain, but these were my friends and neighbors and the shops I frequented.  Their kids played with mine, they supported the local charities I volunteered for and were the fabric of the community.  So I fought for them and for the future of the little town.

Hundreds of hours over a several year period, sacrificing billable hours for the common good.  Ream after ream of paper.  Sometimes working until two a.m. on the analysis, calling in favors from experts to get additional data and support, being verbally attacked by paid supporters of the other side and physically threatened.  Because it was worth fighting for.

When was the last time you were ready to stand and fight for something bigger than you or your family?