Fight For Your Life

“Those who live are those who fight.”  Victor Hugo

When the evil attacks, those who try to appease end up being slaughtered.  It is those that are willing to stand up, gird their loins, and face the enemy that win freedom.  Even if they make the ultimate sacrifice, they live on in the freedom of their descendants and are remembered for generations.

On a lesser scale than war we must still fight to live.  The only relationships that last are where both partners are willing to fight for their future together.  If they are unwilling to fight (even with the other one for their own good and best version of their partner), the inevitable outcome is a split and damage.

To build a business you have to fight.  Fight for traction, to get customers, to build market share.  To not ossify in your approach.  To not get content even when happy.

To achieve anything significant we must fight, both internally and externally.

Fight and live the good life.