Nothing to Lose

“Fight as if you are already dead.”  Miyamoto Musashi

A warrior is most dangerous when they have nothing to lose and nothing to fear.

If you’ve already lost the deal, go ahead and speak what you really mean.  It can do no harm at that point.

If you have lost your crush, honestly tell them the truth.  If they are already gone, they are gone.  But maybe you can rekindle that flame with a breath of honesty.

If you have lost everything, nothing else can harm you.

If you attack a problem with indifference as to the outcome, you will resolve it one way or another.

If you have already sealed your legacy, go out in a blaze of glory.  And by not caring about who gets the credit or the accolades, you actually perform better and are remembered more.

Amor Fati as the Stoics would say.  Accept that you are already dead so you can truly live.