Preliminary Plan

“I discovered that a fresh start is a process. A fresh start is a journey – a journey that requires a plan.” – Vivian Jokotade

If you were to drive from San Francisco to Florida I assume you wouldn’t just jump in the car, point East, and go.  You’d have at least 12% of a plan.

The new year should have a plan too.  And even though we all know that nothing goes exactly to plan (or maybe even vaguely resembles what we had thought like the past few years), you have a loose idea of getting to X city by a certain date and staying at such and such a place.  And then to Y by this day and staying at this place.  And by building up from these benchmarks and eventually reaching your destination.

Need to lose 40 pounds?  Lose five pounds in the first month with a sustainable plan (so you don’t run out of gas on your journey to health), then have a route to the next ten, then the next ten, and all of a sudden your goal weight is right around the curve.

Want to do a marathon?  Put it on the calendar and sign up.  Schedule a half marathon seven weeks or so prior to that.  And a 10km seven weeks or so before that.  If you aren’t able to do a 10km right now physically get to a 5km and give yourself six weeks to stretch to the 10km.  Maybe join a group that can train you and create accountability.  Read, look on social media, get a friend involved.  That’s a decent marathon plan.

Businesses almost all have a plan for the year.  You should have a business plan for the busy-ness of life.