Write Your Song

“Everybody’s life is a country-western song, depends on who’s writing it.”  Dolly Parton

All of our lives ultimately end with the ultimate end: we die.  So life is always a tragedy, ending in a lament.

Yet along the way we can be unquashably happy in our coat of many colors, stitched up from pieces and fragments that have been rejected by others.  We can turn the travesty and tragedy into a comedy and morality play and sitcom all rolled into one, because each life has components of each of these.

We can cry in our beers or laugh at the time we almost died from doing something stupid, and have a story that brings smiles decades after the event and even after our story has ended, when others get together and say “remember when they did this?!?!”

You get to write your own song.  Make it epic, an anthem and inspiration to others.