Your Song

“A good country song takes a page out of somebody’s life and puts it to music.” Conway Twitty

There is old joke that all country songs involve losing at least two of the following: your girl/guy, your dog, your freedom, or your truck.  And country songs are relatable because we have all been there and lost our job, or had our heart broken, or some other person/thing that is part of our identity and our life suddenly disappear.  And either you climb into the whiskey bottle, or you dust yourself off and get back on the horse.

I’ve had it all and lost it all.  I’ve built and lost businesses, been divorced and homeless living out of my vehicle.  I’ve been a champion and been broken.  I’ve had huge accolades and nothing to eat.  I’ve been loved and betrayed.  It’s called life.

The Cowboy Way is to give your all, rely on yourself but have true friends, and never give up.  Good country songs look at pieces of the story, whether the fall or the battle back, and share them for others to be inspired by. 

If you’ve been thrown, dust yourself off and get back on because your ride isn’t done until you quit.