Highly Illogical

“The human mind is not a terribly logical or consistent place.”   Jim Butcher

The most complex thinking machine ever created is the human mind, because it is rational yet completely illogical and also happens to be the most powerful feeling machine in existence too.  It is simultaneously the greatest bundle of contradictions ever assembled, and operates at 1exaflop, a billion billion calculations a second.

Love and hate are not opposites but shades of passion, a recipe either succeeding or turning bad.

Logic dictates many things we won’t do, due to cognitive dissonance or emotions.

One moment you are their favorite person, the next persona non grata.

That which was acceptable yesterday is now verboten.  Because, ya know, people.

We are angels and demons, divine and animal all at once rolled up into an infuriating ball of contradictions.  Because we are merely human, and that is one of our greatest assets too.