“The warrior is one compelled by an inner, often insensible calling to forge an untouchable sword of discipline .“ Brian S Woods

“Vocation” derives from the root “to be called”.  It is more than a job, or a career.  It is a reflection of Being, an alignment between the natural tendencies, honed talent, and autotelic education that draws the practitioner ever deeper into the mysteries and minutiae of their field.

Those who create for a living feel this, hear this call that others cannot.  It makes them rise early to write or study.  It nags them to look for answers, to try over and over again until the smallest details are mastered.   It reminds them of how much more they need to become to fulfil their destiny.  It makes them sacrifice the present for a greater future.

This is discipline, the key to unlocking all that you could be.  Answer its call, and create of yourself a weapon of beauty in the world.