“Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” Bruce Lee

Throw something out today.
Remove something that does not bring you joy.
Clean your desk off. Throw away that ratty old shirt, or clear your closet and donate stuff to charity. Get rid of something that bothers you, be it something physical or a person who sucks your energy away like a psychic vampire.

Remove something, anything to make your life and business better today. Could be a commitment to something you don’t really care about, a couple of contacts in your phone that are filled with negative emotions instead of positive ones, that dating app that tempts you but adds nothing long-range to your happiness.

Discard something.

We spend so much time trying to add to what we have, instead of removing the extraneous. Michaelangelo did not build up the David from pieces, but removed the stone from the block to reveal the inner beauty. Remove the stones from around your masterpiece.

Action Item: Look around and get rid of some stuff (physical or virtual) that could be your Albatross.