“I’m not mad at all. I’m just differently sane.”— The Joker

Some people just see the world differently.  This is what leads to innovation in technology, radical new medical procedures, groundbreaking art, and unexpected advancement in almost all fields.

Groupthink produces a boring homogeneity and consistency that over time turns into an echo chamber and decline, a slow decay and dying out because of being unable to evolve as the world changes.  Whether it is the geocentric model of the universe or the belief that there were four elements or that or the universe was stationary or that guitars should not be amplified, challenging the prevalent beliefs is a critical way for advancement.

The ability to see with different eyes and ask “why” is not common nor is it “weird”.  It is just a different way of processing the same inputs, an alternative analysis that presents different insights from the same data set. 

Different is not bad, it is merely different.