Act Out

“Comedy is acting out optimism.” –Robin Williams

He suffered intense black depressions yet made the world laugh.

Doubts and darkness clouded his thoughts; the demon of addiction pursued him all his days. Yet the youthful enthusiasm of Mork from Ork, the craziness of Batty, the loyalty and power of The Genie and the empathy of therapist Sean Maguire in “Good Will Hunting” were all reflective of who he was beyond the comic genius.  It was these aspects of him, collected and amplified, infused with the mania end of his manic depression that drove Robin Williams.

As bleak as the worst moments were, the bright potential shown in equal contrast.  As Nietzsche said: no tree can reach heaven whose roots don’t go down to hell.  Drawing from the pain and despair let Williams reach the heights of humor, and we get to enjoy the fruits of his brightest, boldest, most joyful and optimistic moments.