Struggle to Succeed

“Our struggles determine our successes.”  Mark Manson

Life is not a straight easy road with margarita stands and The Lollipop Guild handing out sweets along the path.  It is rough and rambling and constantly under construction and filled with detours and maybe even flying monkeys.

Actually, there are offramps from the road and they look attractive.  They lead to rest areas, but unfortunately there is almost no way to get back on the road if you take them because although they look easy they lead down a cliff, or into an even worse wilderness where you run out of gas and end up living in your van, or the sweet sounds are actually Sirens that seduce you and consume you.

The greater the destination, the more difficult the journey.  It is the reason why the joke of the hermit on the mountaintop is based on reality, because wisdom and wealth are not easily reached.  Remember the higher the mountain the greater the struggle but the more spectacular the view.