Practice Yields Victory

“Tomorrow’s battle is won during today’s practice”. – Samurai Maxim

If you are always prepared, you don’t have to get ready.  This means you can take advantage of fleeting opportunities others will miss because they are ill prepared.

The Greek philosopher Archilochus observed: we don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.  That’s why Michael Jordan practiced every day like it was Game Seven and the clock was ticking down.

Herb Brooks pushed the 1980 US Hockey squad past the point of exhaustion in practice because he knew that was the only way to beat the unstoppable Soviets.  If not for grueling practice, there would be no Miracle on Ice.

If you practice patience when you child spills the milk as a toddler, you will have greater patience when they do something stupid as a teen and need calmness instead of anger to get through the situation.

If you practice your sales language a thousand times, you’ll win the deals more often.

Games are won in practice.

Championships are won in practice.

Life is won in our daily practices.