A Game, Every Game

“There’s only one thing we can control, and that is how hard we play.”  – Don Meyer

Sometimes you do everything right and things don’t go right.

Keep doing everything right.

If you consistently give your best, you will do well.  Will you win every time?  No.  But will you win enough to be successful, whatever your reasonable definition of success is?  Yes.

Sometimes the timing just isn’t right.  Sometimes your opponent plays the game of their life, or the refs are not totally on.  Sometimes the ball takes a weird bounce.  Sometimes there are unusual air currents or other extenuating circumstances that momentarily change the situation.

Give your best.  Play the hardest that you can at the moment, and you’ll have enough great moments to be memorable and a winner.

You can’t control anything other than your effort and your attitude.  Bring your A game every game, and you will be a Hall of Famer.