Super Stoic

“Those four Super Bowl Losses?  Yeah, it sucks that we didn’t win, but what are you going to do about it?”  Jim Kelly

As evidenced by his stoic battle with mouth cancer, Jim Kelly is a tough guy.  Winters in Buffalo NY make you that way, but it is the mental toughness that helped him though probably the hardest thing in sports: losing the Super Bowl.

The Bills were on the cusp in 1991 and lost on a wide field goal, then lost three more times in a row.  They may be remembered as losers for not winning The Big Game, but they MADE it there four years in a row, something no team ever did nor probably ever will.  Making it to a single step from the pinnacle and failing over and over and over and over would be enough to destroy most people and their dreams.  Kelly turned the page and tried to climb the mountain again.  And again.

Doesn’t matter how often you fail, don’t give up.  Keep learning and fighting.  Be mentally tough, Kelly Tough.