Like a Rookie

“Fighting for a job – that’s been my mindset every Spring Training.” Aaron Judge

Even when you’ve made it as the MVP and show up and work like a rookie trying to make the team, that is the mindset of a champion and the path to the Hall Of Fame, be it in baseball or basketball or business.

Work like you are brand new even when you’ve made partner and you will continue to grow.

Bust your hump like a first-year associate or grad student or like you just opened the business and maintain that attitude and work ethic, and success won’t be guaranteed but much more likely.

Staying hungry is the secret to success, because comfort leads to complacency.

Fight for your job, even if you just signed the biggest contract in your company’s history.

Work like you can be cut for a bad week.

That is how to make sure you lead by example as the Captain and eventually retire on your own terms.