“The more I work and practice, the luckier I seem to get.”  Gary Player

After a dozen times in a situation, you develop a feel for it.  After a hundred times, you intuitively know the way out of that rough.  Others that are observing might call it a lucky break to get out of there, but underlying this is the ability to see the potential paths.  This comes from experience.

“Oh, they were lucky to get…” Whether it is landing the deal with the agent (after a hundred rejections or no responses), or the business deal closes (after countless hours of work and practice) or someone gets promoted because the boss’s boss caught them doing extra work to help a customer, luck manifests more when there are multiple repetitions.  When luck is combined with hard work and many many opportunities it is called the law of averages because enough attempts eventually lead to good thing.

We can’t count on nor control luck.  But we can control our effort.  And that will influence our luck in the end.