“Patience is like chocolate… We never have enough!” – Christine Heurtault

The world is a frustrating place, even without being in line at DMV for hours before being sent away without what you need.

Yes, the clerk might just be doing their job and following the procedures laid out by their bosses that were laid out by their bosses going back to the days of the Model T.  But just because it’s been done that way since before the advent of the seatbelt doesn’t mean it is any less bothersome.





Government agencies of every form.

Companies asking you to “press 1 for English”, giving you a dozen options but none work then dropping your call after transferring you to the eleventeenth person that can’t help you.

All of it sucks away our limited lifespan and patience.

Take a deep breath.


Now either scream, or get some chocolate.

The chocolate is probably a better choice.