Rise Above

“You must be your best on your worst day.”  David Goggins

Just because I am having a bad day with work is no reason to take it out on my kids.  In fact, a crappy day is an even better reason to be in my best mindset, to show my children that bad things happen and pass but we control our attitude and decisions and in the end family is more important than any client.

When your legs are heavy and body sore and it is dark and grey out and the bed is warm and there is every good reason to just stay huddled up in comfort, that is when the blankets must be thrown to the side and the miles run, because that is when it is hardest but also best.

If someone is unethical, that is when we must be truthful and maintain our integrity, even if we pay a short-term price.  Let them have their thirty pieces of silver, your prize will be orders of magnitude greater.

When the world is crashing down around you, you need to be the pillar of strength.  This is what you have spent your life training for.

Be your best when the world is at its worst.