Truth Slices Cold

“A Warrior that speaks truth cuts sharper than winter cold”
― Kevin Anytime

We live in a Society of illusions, from fake dating profiles to Snapchat filters and media manipulation.  A fog surrounds nearly every aspect of any interaction, because individuals have let their standards decline as a reflection of the lack of trust in our institutions and the deterioration of the reinforcement mechanisms of personal accountability.

And in this haze, truth can pierce like a laser in the fog.  A brilliant flash of lightning that does not disappear in a flash with a crack of thunder but rather illuminate the landscape with light for a time then fades.

But in that brilliance some are awakened.  Some are terrified because they see the reality, or fear others see it and their deeds that had been hidden in the fog are now clearly visible.  The question is, does the fog roll in again and cover their lies or do we light the fires to expose them and burn away the mist and dark they have hidden in?