Low Enough to Listen

“The humble listen to their brothers and sisters because they assume they have something to learn.” Fr. Thomas Dubay

I am self-aware enough to know that in almost every situation I am the smartest guy in the room because I have been blessed with raw intelligence.  But I am also humble enough to know that I know only a tiny fraction of what there is to learn, and others possess much deeper knowledge in a variety of areas that they are willing to share as long as my ego does not fill my head and heart.

Your experiences are different from mine, and I can learn a tremendous amount from you that can help me and help me help others.  Therefore I should listen to you with an open heart and mind and take what you are willing to impart from your past.

Your knowledge is different than mine.  Maybe you studied forensic accounting sambo or 18th Century European history or biomechanics and I can pick up a few bits of knowledge that I can add to my own and be better off from.  Seeking knowledge of all forms from a variety of sources is a key mindset for continuous growth, and the humility to recognize that another person is better or wiser in a particular area is critical to then accepting their gifts of wisdom.

Lao Tzu observed that a bowl is most useful when it is empty.  Be that empty and let the knowledge of others flow into you like water.