Stand Watch

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

“Who watches the Watchmen?”
― Décimo Junio Juvenal

We give power to others to protect us and ultimately that power corrupts, and the protectors become what they were preventing.

“If all men were angels, we would have no need of government” proclaimed Madison as part of The Federalist Papers over two centuries ago and it is more true today than in his day, for technology has enabled leverage incomprehensible in the days of moveable type and candles.  Those who love their country rarely trust their governments implicitly, because the governments are made of men (and women) and easily become the oppressors which they swore to defend against.

We have a business saying: trust but verify.  People are for the most part good until repeatedly presented with the opportunity to not be, especially if the consequences of ethical violations are minimal or even rewarded.  Thus we watch the watchmen.