V for Veritas

“By the Power of Truth, I, while living, have Conquered the Universe.”
― Alan Moore, 
V for Vendetta #2

Truth is dangerous and powerful.

Truth burns away darkness and the fog of illusion, and those that have hidden in them and use the deception and murk for cover of their actions hate and fear the truth like vampires hate and fear the sun.

Truth can burn us because we all have lies large and small in our lives, little half-truths we tell ourselves to reduce our internal anguish and massive misstatements we craft to protect our egos or cover our sins.  Exposing ourselves to the truth is painful as the falsehood are removed, burnt away leaving our true selves, exposed raw and initially vulnerable.

Yet in this weakness arises power.  For if there is no lie, no falsehood, there is nothing for evil to take ahold of or root in.  There is no enemy within and so we become invulnerable to external attack.  And by being pure and aligned, we radiate and others can see and respond to our beacon, the call to veracity that summons, enables, and ennobles others so that a single person of purpose can build and lead an army of believers.

Truth, the great empowerer and liberator.