Better Nature

“It is hard to fight desire; but to control it is the sign of a reasonable man.” Democritus

We are all animals.

We have base desires and biological needs that drive us, that push us to do things that Society does not endorse.

And yet we can live in and contribute to those Societies because we can control our desires, restrain ourselves for the good of those we interact with.

Anyone that has had children and stepped on a Lego in bare feet knows pain and the need to hold our tongue.

Anyone that has had to hold back the urge to scream at an idiot or not punch a jerk has experienced the need to control themselves.

In short: if you are human sometimes you need to be the bigger man or woman even if it would feel so good in the moment to just give in.  But if we did it would tear up the social contracts we live under and be the next step into chaotic hell.