Real Evil

“The real world is where the monsters are.”
Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief

In the beginning, Hell was the absence of God, a separation from the light and goodness.  Being cut off from the Presence, the fallen angels deteriorated because of the lack of reinforcement of the positive standards.

Then humans made it worse.

We created new ways for greed to manifest and compound and tempt ourselves to harm our peers.

We became envious as we built technologies and a better world, and separated Haves from Have Nots.

Pockets of darkness developed where the depravity of our worst imaginations can play out.

Only Man murders.  Or derives pleasure from another’s pain.

In the idyllic fairy tale world of childhood we are in a walled garden, protected by parents and others that keep the demons away.  But we cannot stay there forever, eventually venturing outside the safety and seeing that there be monsters there.

So teach your children to see the monsters and prepare them to fight, because they will inevitably encounter evil in the real world and must be ready to defend themselves and others.