The Monster Under the Surface

“You should be a monster. An absolute monster. And then you should learn how to control it.” — Jordan B. Peterson

The meek will inherit the earth, but the disciplined will conquer it first.

The capacity to unleash the darker aspects of your soul in a controlled fashion is what creates champions in all fields, from the battlefield to football and business.  Becoming a weapon in your own hands and knowing how and when to use it is what distinguishes those that build empires from those that serve them.

Having the ability to push deeper into the darkness than others are willing to go unlocks more of our innate powers, our capabilities in sports and relationships of all forms, and those who delve deeper discover the treasures that others will never hold because of fear to enter that cave as Campbell noted.

The most dangerous martial artists are the most powerful, and have the greatest control.  Emulate these walking dragons: wise and fierce yet humble in their strength and concealed in their capability for devastation.