Continuing Ed

“We don’t stop going to school when we graduate.”—Carol Burnett

A quarter of Americans haven’t read a book in a year.

Outside of required training or Continuing Education for their profession, most people receive their terminal degree and their quest for knowledge terminates too.

From Aristotle to Einstein, from babies to martial arts Masters they see the natural world is a classroom, an opportunity to learn and grow continuously even if the formal lectures have ceased. 

da Vinci called himself a student of observation, Newton was on sabbatical when he observed the apple, and Bruce Lee honed his philosophy outside of a classroom or dojo.  Thousands of patents are issued annually to those that are tinkering in garages and workshops, innovating out of exploration instead of formal education or academic extrapolation.

Look around you.  There are a dozen things in your field of vision you can derive knowledge from if you wanted to be educated instead of entertained.  Do you chose to languish or learn?