Quick Pain

“If pain must come, may it come quickly.” Paulo Coelho

Anticipation of pain is a Hell worse than the suffering itself, for we inflict the damage upon ourselves.

The anxiety and fear we create through inventing scenarios and then living them over and over until we live an event produces stress hormones and sleepless nights, needlessly damaging our minds and bodies.

Rip the bandaid off.

“Just tell me Doc.”

“Don’t play games boss.  Are you firing me?”

“Give it to me straight.  Did I get in?”

“No lies.  Did you sleep with them?”

Yes, it will hurt immensely and strike as quickly as a thunderbolt but it will also shock you and numb you if the response is bad, allowing you to process and move forward quicker.  Better to know and know immediately than to play the “what if” game in your head and make all sorts of additional psychological pains. 

Fast and to the point, like the surgeon’s scalpel cutting away the infection allowing for healing to commence quickly.