Sweet Dreams

“Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities.”

 -Sugar Ray Leonard

If you don’t see a brighter future, you will never be able to achieve one.

If you can’t see yourself graduating you probably won’t.  But if you dream about it, if you can feel yourself walking across that stage in front of friends and family, you probably will.

If you desire success you will look for the opportunities and apply yourself to seize them, working hard when given the chance knowing that it might be your one shot. 

Anyone with the desire can become a writer by simply sitting down and writing and writing and reading and writing more until they master the craft and create works of literature.  There is no height requirement (like in the NBA) or cost (like getting an MBA), just a dream and desire and work ethic.

If you aspire to greatness, start doing the work and you will find the way.