Think THEN Speak

“Maybe you oughta take a second, let your head catch up to your tongue before it gets all sunburnt.”  Foghorn Leghorn

I say I say maybe y’all should stop talking for a bit and remember you have two ears plus two eyes and one mouth, so should use these in that proportion.

Some of us use verbalization to hash out ideas, good old-fashioned discussion to develop clarity of thought and as a way to see if our idea is ludicrous and dangerous or merely unusual.  And this is usually done in small groups where the conversation can be multifaceted and flow and ideas expressed and improved or discarded.  There is a great difference between this and standing in front of a microphone declaring things clearly not bound by reality.

Politicians who have never held a real job nor operated under the typical family budget constraints that have zero understanding of the economic impact of their feel-good enunciations and fiat dictates.

The person caught in limerence.

The Karen at the coffee shop believing the world revolves around them.

The manager with a little information reacting to an isolated phrase taken out of context.

The individual demanding their particular perspective and belief system be imposed on others without regard to the consequences.

Short term emotions driving long term decisions, whether with a significant other or investment portfolio or with regards to your teenager.

Slow down so your thoughts can catch up to your mouth and maybe convince it to stay closed for a little bit so your mind can open up.