“Even miracles take a little time.” —The Fairy Godmother, Cinderella

We live in a world that has accelerated in all ways.

From dropping rolls of film and getting the packet back a week later hoping for 3 good photos out of 24 to Polaroids to unlimited instant phone photos, the number of opportunities has exploded while the cost of failure and cycle time have dropped to non-existent.

From having a catalog and mailing off a form with a money order then waiting weeks to be disappointed by our sea monkeys or x ray specs to instantly accessing any item and complaining that it isn’t delivered the next day within the half hour window we wish.

Everything is faster.  But is it better?

Love rarely appears instantly.

A baby still takes nine months to gestate.

Great literature still takes years to craft.

A tree takes decades to grow.

Beautiful things take time and are worth the wait.