Rich Inside

“Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.” ¬†Doris Day

I know people blessed with all the material wealth a person could ever need, who can travel and drive the new BMW, and never have a financial worry with all the convenience that wealth can buy.  Yet they are miserable and always chasing the next fix of a purchase or a trip or attention to fill the emptiness inside, unappreciated of what they have been gifted.

And I know people who are barely scraping by financially that are joyous, celebrating the struggle and grateful for the opportunities that they are given and determined to make the best of each day.  They are not financially well off by any means, but they possess an inner richness that is apparent in their faces and words and actions.  They look for the good and lesson in every situation, thus making the best of whatever is handed to them with a smile.

Which would you rather be?  The empty, ungrateful yet beautiful shell or the grateful struggler?