Thankfully Harvest

“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”  William Blake

The world will grow greater fruits than you can ever use, so the scarcity mindset of previous centuries is no longer applicable.

There are more business opportunities than you could ever develop, so do not chase the current shiny one out of fear because there will always be more.  So don’t give in on your standards for a quick buck.

There is plenty of love in the world, people unfortunately hoard it out of fear.  Share a smile, give a compliment.  Tell someone they look great or give a thumbs up for a good job.  Give of yourself because the Universe will repay it with interest in some way.

Be grateful for what you have and share it generously because money and energy want to be in motion, to move among people and compound. 

Give and receive with a joyful and open heart.