Doors of Passion

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” 

-Joseph Campbell

Passion can lead to fascination and ultimately your profession using your unique abilities.

My obsession with improvement that came from being a non-talented musician and an asthmatic turned martial artist carried into sales psychology and operational efficiency in my business, powerful persuasion that aids me as a writer, and into the never-ending world of Human Kaizen.  I still do my martial arts forms every day and am a sponge for knowledge, constantly trying to integrate it into my mental databanks and models I use to make the world more comprehensible and accelerate my development in all areas. 

This attitude of excellence has gotten me on stages and podcasts, in articles and used as an asset by offices all across the country.  I get to talk with fascinating people, and they introduce me to others that create both business opportunities and the chance to learn and experience new things.  The mindset my mother fostered in me of constant curiosity and ability to ask questions, to try and understand and improve made me an alright physicist but when extended to other disciplines has opened opportunities I never dreamt of as a kid or in the lab in college.

Be passionate.  Be open.  Be committed to mastering that which fascinates you and you never know what doors will open and where you’ll end up.