Learn Something Today

“Every day is a learning day.”  -Winston Marshall

Every morning when a toddler opens their eyes they do not say “today I am going to grow, to improve, to learn.”  And yet every day they do exactly those things.

You may be in school and receive a lecture from the instructor that makes you aware of something new, from arithmetic to zymurgy.  You may get a lecture from your parent or boss that teaches you something new not in a textbook, or a child might show you something you’ve never seen.  All are forms of learning.

Maybe you discover you like olives.  Or hate doina.  Both are learning insights.

Make a mistake?  That’s one way of not doing it, like the almost 10,000 ways Edison learned to not make an incandescent light bulb.

Do something, learn something.  Everything is an opportunity to improve, because every day is a learning day.