Season For Silence

“December has the clarity, the simplicity, and the silence you need for the best fresh start of your life.” — Vivian Swift

The end of the year is hectic.  Work, children’s school and concerts and parties.  The hustle and bustle and chaos and stress.  All the different pressures of life, simultaneously compounding and crushing.  That is why many people snap this time of year from the stress.


Watch the fire crackling in the hearth, or here.

Sit and enjoy a cup of something warm, be it tea or hot cocoa or mulled cider.  Let it warm your hands and heart.

The year is ending as has happened thousands of times before.  A new one is approaching, a new beginning and chapter to be written.

Clean the slate of your mind and spirit.  The new page in the new calendar is a new opportunity, a chance to make small changes that create a big difference in our lives.

Just as the freshly fallen snow of last night presents a clean new world in the dawn, so too does the closing of the year present the chance of a new brighter future.  Look out at that bright white landscape and know that no matter the chaos of the past or even present, the future is there and waiting for you to start creating it.