Win Every Day

“Do. The. Work. Every day, you have to do something you don’t want to do. Every day.”  -Tim Grover

Is your arrow pointing up for the day, or is it pointing down?  Because it never is level. 

Up, or down?

If you chose to do nothing hard today, to rest and relax, your arrow is going to point down.

Athletes train every day, even on “off days”.  They study tape, or cross train, and even when injured physically they are working on their mental game.  That’s why they make millions of dollars a year.  Those that take more than a very occasional day off are soon replaced by someone hungrier for success that does do the work every single day.

If you claim to be a professional you do the work every day to get better.  In sales, you better be practicing your language so it is as automatic as an NBA pro doing a layup.  If you haven’t put in as many hours as that athlete, you are just an amateur and you are failing your clients and wasting your potential.

If you are a parent, every day you work on patience and communication and being a better example to your children while shouldering the responsibility of work and other requirements.  There are no days off, even if you are on vacation away from the kids.

Be the champion you should be.

Do.  The. Work.