The Gift of Grit

“Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow.” 

-Anthony Robbins

If things are easy, there is no struggle and as such little strength is developed.  Muscles need resistance to microtear, leading to healing and the development of more mass.  Bigger weights yield bigger biceps.

More complex math problems wire new neurons that increase the capability for calculations.  Basic problems we have mastered (like 1+1=2) do not stress the system so do not increase cranial capacity.

A fight with your crush or significant other is a chance to exhibit empathy and discover more about them and to heal the rift through conscious effort to connect.

Your child royally messing up lets you show love and leadership, the greatest legacies you can leave them.

Don’t ask for an easy life, but rather for the strength and wisdom to solve the problems that are inevitable so that you can show the world (and yourself) the type of person you truly are.