Good to Great

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good for the great.”  -John D Rockefeller

Technology innovators have repeatedly lived out the tale of building something decent, but pivoting and creating something remarkable that changes the world and builds not just a nice life for them but a staggering fortune.  And those who become comfortable with their good company that is successful are repeatedly left behind because they are afraid to cannibalize their success to become even more significant.

Kodak dominated photography but thought digital would eat away at the profits of their Polaroid cameras.  Digital destroyed traditional film, and Kodak with it. was one of the top websites and had a good search feature.  They were offered a chance to buy a program called Backrub for a pittance and decided that they didn’t need to as they had already solved the search problem.  Backrub soon changed its name to Google and the rest is history, like became.

Authors redline out their work all the time to craft something better.

Athletes push beyond their comfort zone and change their diets and training regiments to go from good to great.

Fear of success holds too many back from their greatness.