Victory is NOT Easy

“It’s always good to get a wake-up call and a reminder that you can’t just go there and collect medals.”  -Marit Bjorgen

Entitlement mentality does not infect just spoiled princesses, it has long poisoned businesses (remember GE’s decade plus of exceptionalism before its hubristic collapse, or how The Big 3 Automotives’ arrogance destroyed them?) and individual athletes (Todd Marinovich?  Jay Williams? Drew Henson? Sam Bowie?!).  Thinking you can get big time results and rewards with little effort has fueled bubbles (tulips, dot coms, and bitcoin anyone?) and conmen for ever. 

You are not special even if you are a unique individual.  Everyone deserves to be treated well and fairly, but neither you nor I deserve special treatment unless we earn it through doing something exceptional that warrants the treatment, like a General being saluted or a firefighter receiving a commendation for bravery getting a key to the city for a day.  The General does not deserve special treatment outside their command responsibilities, and the firefighter doesn’t now have a get out of jail free card for unethical or dangerous behaviors.

Just because you are beautiful doesn’t mean you can be a bitch.

Just because you are rich doesn’t mean others are your servant.

Just because your Daddy or Mommy is someone powerful doesn’t mean you get to wield their power.

Just because your grandparents built something doesn’t mean you get to coast for your life.

As Vince Lombardi stated: the price of success is hard work”.  And every season, his teams started with ZERO wins and had to earn each and every one.  Entitled people rarely become champions, in sports or life.