Loser’s Lessons

“If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.”  -Henry David Thoreau

Losses will teach us lessons that victory never shall, if we take the time to reflect and extract the learning hidden in the pain.

Beyoncé lost on Star Search.  This loss fired her up, caused her to approach her singing career differently, and has led to over 200 million albums sold.  She could have sulked, she could have abandoned her dreams.  Instead she learned from losing and is winning more than any female artist in history.

Edgar almost missed his tryout because he worked in the factory all night.  He somehow made it through, signed a minor contract, and spent the next almost decade barely cracking the Big Leagues, being sent down again and again.  He kept learning, and in 1990 when he came up again he hit.  And hit and hit.  Two Batting Titles and 7 All-Star appearances later, Edgar Martinez made the Baseball Hall of Fame because he learned from losses.

When you get knocked down don’t bounce up immediately Tim Grover implores.  Stay down for a moment and reflect, THEN get up and do things differently so you win.  That is how champions learn, be it Tom Brady or Milton Hershey. 

Learn from the loss.  Then win.  Disappointment should teach us to be better if we are quiet enough to listen to the whispered secrets in the defeat.