3-Day, 3-Brain Introduction

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This FREE three-day program is meant to give you a primer on continuous personal development (Human Kaizen) and is focused on the most important organ in your body, the source of your individuality and personality: your brain.



Explore your own mind and how to unlock your highest potential for FREE!  With the 3-Day, 3-Brain Introduction you’ll gain a powerful look at how to begin your journey as a Human Kaizen.

The Three Brain concept (formally referred to as the “Triune Brain Model” and developed by Maclean based on work from Papez) shows three components that have evolved over the past four hundred plus million years since our ancestors crawled out of the seas with the most rudimentary of brains.  These three components represent major evolutionary leaps that reflect the complexity of the environment in which they developed, improvements that have made humans the currently dominant species on the planet.

Join Joe Templin for this FREE 3-day program and start acting rather than reacting!


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