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This work is a guidebook, a daily to do (or not do, or think, or whatever) to help you make the little choices and changes in direction that bend the curve of your career and life. It is simple but not easy, but hopefully in 366 (or 367) days you look back and say “worth it!”

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1000x Return

When I was a fairly new life insurance agent, I had a case my primary company declined so I placed it through a local Brokerage Director.  A few thousand of premium, not a big deal.

That Christmas, he gave me a book.  Not a bottle of whiskey like I heard others got, but an insightful book that I still have 20+ years later and think of him every time I crack it open, something I wouldn’t be doing with a bottle.

I have read that book a half dozen times and refer to it a few times a year.  It is sitting in my office today.

Over the next decade I placed over $300,000 of premium with that Brokerage Director and was his #1 broker one year.  He earned a lot of money, my business, and my loyalty because he added value to me.  He invested in me.  He gave me a tool that made me better and made me think about him, giving me knowledge and earning Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) that gave him a 1000x or more return on his investment in me.

Every Day Excellence is that sort of book.

Get 10 copies of the book, choose your 10 best people, and give them a softcover copy of Every Day Excellence.  Then see what sort of return you generate for your investment.

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