To Touch the Infinite

“There is no joy in the finite; there is joy only in the Infinite.” Upanishads

The game that has a foreseeable end, a finish line with a reward is unsustainable.  As soon as we get the promotion we seek another one, as soon as the new car loses its smell we want to upgrade it.  The goal-based system leads to hedonic adaption and an ever greater need for a fix.

But chasing something that can never be achieved and loving the process of improvement?  There is joy in the journey of becoming a better martial artist, mastering a musical instrument, or painting for the love of the art.  Pablo Picasso and Pablo Casales never stopped trying to improve. 

Instead of pursuing the next trinket or trophy, try to touch perfection.  You can spend lifetimes pursuing the Infinite and find joy like the butterfly on the path when you don’t pursue happiness but welcome it as it comes as we look beyond ourselves.