They Who Have Little

“If you really are thankful, what do you do? You share.”  W. Clement Stone

The most generous people share what they have, be it millions of dollars or their sandwich.

Some people believe that once they “make it”, then they can help others.  But even if you have little, there are those with less that you can help.  And it might be a moment to check on someone that is struggling, or giving a stuck van a push, or spreading your smile so that others can feel more joyful.  It is not merely money that we should be sharing.

If someone has been helpful to you, help others.

If someone has been kind to you, pay it forward with interest and be kind to others.

Growing up we didn’t have a ton of materialistic things.  But we always had love, more than enough even with the six kids.  Or seven or more, because there was always an extra kid in my house that needed love.  My parents showed me how to multiply that love and share it.

Even if you have just enough, be grateful and do what you can for those that don’t have enough, whether it is food or love or belief.  It is the least we can do with our blessings.